What Is the Purpose of a Flowmaster Exhaust?

Answer Upgrading your car's stock exhaust system will boost your performance in more ways than one. Aftermarket exhaust systems, such as Flowmaster, will provide a full tone sound and better performance i... Read More »

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How to Install a Flowmaster Exhaust?

Flowmaster manufactures two different types of exhaust systems. The first and most comprehensive is the "cat back" exhaust. This replaces the stock exhaust on your vehicle from the catalytic conver... Read More »

Flowmaster Exhaust Benefits?

Some people are drawn to the lung-rattling sound of a performance engine, which Flowmaster designs its exhaust products to create. However, many are surprised to learn that Flowmaster technology ha... Read More »

Flowmaster Exhaust Specs?

Flowmaster sells mufflers, exhaust kits, race cars and car accessories. According to the Flowmaster mufflers website, these products are unique in "that their performance improvements are paired wi... Read More »

What Does a Flowmaster Exhaust System Do?

Flowmaster is a company that produces high-end products for improving the performance of a car's exhaust system. The company also produces these products for boats, motorcycles, motor homes and die... Read More »