What Is the Purpose of Gas Grill Heat Plates?

Answer Heat plates, also known as flavor bars or heat angles, serve several purposes on a gas grill. They catch dripping fat, which reduces flare-ups and keeps the burners clean. The plates also serve to ... Read More »

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Can you heat press melamine plates?

A heat press is exactly what melamine plate manufactures use to mold these products. Melamine is well suited to heat pressing, since it easily takes any shape under heat and pressure. All melamine ... Read More »

How to Keep Food Hot at the Table Using Heat Retentive Plates?

CROSS SECTION DWG.Keeping food hot at the table is a very old problem; once the food is on the plate it will get cold very fast, the plate immediately steals heat from the food or to say it more sc... Read More »

Do Pyrex plates retain heat in convection ovens?

Glass Pyrex bakeware retains heat in convection ovens. Heavy ceramic bakeware may require the use of the bottom heating element, but Pyrex bakeware's thickness will retain the heat without addition... Read More »

How to Protect Vinyl Siding From Melting From Gas Grill Heat?

Gas grills are very effective at cooking food and are frequently used for barbecues and other outdoor cooking events. Gas grills do generate very high temperatures so it is important to be aware of... Read More »