What Is the Purpose of Blackout Headlight Covers?

Answer Headlight covers are trendy accessories for any car --- especially those in car shows. Blackout headlight covers are decorative pieces that enhance vehicles' aesthetics while protecting the headlig... Read More »

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DIY Headlight Covers?

Headlight covers can be applied to your current lights to make them appear a more pure white and give a custom look. Some covers have designs and are opaque, and are used only in showrooms, but a l... Read More »

How to Take Off the Headlight Covers on a Mazda 626?

The Mazda 626 comes equipped with a headlight cover in the engine compartment. This cover is there to protect the headlight assembly from any dirt or debris that may damage the headlight bulbs. Rem... Read More »

How to Polish Headlight Covers?

Headlights, the lamps at the foremost end of the car, provide illumination for you whilst you drive on dark roads or during rainy weather. These covers or lenses of the headlights can get fogged ov... Read More »

Are headlight covers legal?

In short, no, headlight covers are not legal. They're not legal in the daytime or nighttime. It becomes an increased safety risk when you reduce your headlights' beams (both low and high). They're ... Read More »