What Is the Proper Way to Grease Zerk Fittings?

Answer Zerk fittings are most commonly called grease fittings, simply because that is their job: to be an attachment point for a grease gun and an entry point for the grease itself. Zerk fittings have mad... Read More »

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How to Install Zerk Fittings in a Ford F-150?

A Zerk fitting is a threaded grease fitting that is screwed into components that require lubrication. Zerk fittings can be installed in ball joints, universal joints or parts that contain bearings.... Read More »

How to Use a Grease Gun Zerk Fitting?

There is a fitting on the ball joints of your vehicle called a zerk fitting. Failing to grease the zerk fittings on your vehicle could lead to a major failure. Newer vehicles have sealed ball joint... Read More »

At what grease level is it the proper time to pump out a grease trap?

A grease trap is a system that many cities require to be installed in restaurants and other places with public kitchens. It removes grease from waste water, preventing it from being added to the wa... Read More »

How to Grease Fittings?

Several industrial machines and many older car models require periodic greasing of bolts and fittings. Proper lubrication of bolts and fittings helps keep equipment running in ideal conditions, whi... Read More »