What Is the Proper Method to Highlight Hair?

Answer Highlighting your hair will give your locks more depth and create dimension. The best way to create a highlighted look in your hair is by using the foil technique. Highlighting foils are approximat... Read More »

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What Is the Proper Method of Rotating Tires?

In years past, tires were a bias-ply construction and car owners could only rotate the tires in one direction -- front-to-rear. As tires became steel belted and later directional, the rotation patt... Read More »

What is the proper method of pouring Guinness from a can?

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What are some hair highlight colors that go well with black hair?

A carmel brown & chestnut brown would work well with black hair . The carmel brown would bring out the bubbly aspect . However, if you were to only have carmel brown with black it may look a bit ha... Read More »

How do you highlight your hair?

Buy some highlights from a store and follow the directions.. If there's no directions or you lost it.. Ask a hair shop keeper .. Because there's different directions in each box of highlights.. (Th... Read More »