What Is the Problem if My AC Keeps Flipping the Breaker?

Answer A breaker is designed to protect your home’s wiring from overheating and starting a fire. It flips when something is wrong. If you continue to have this problem, discontinue use of the AC unit un... Read More »

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The water heater breaker keeps tripping but only during spring and summer what can the problem be?

What amperage is the breaker?Is your circuit panel facing the sun?I have had problems with the evening sun shining on panels, heating them enough to trip breakers that were close to full amps. I pu... Read More »

How to Trace a Short in an Electrical Problem in a Breaker & the Switch Is Good?

Locating the source of an electrical problem is a difficult task of trial and error. By starting at the device and working back to the source, you inevitably locate the last place to which electric... Read More »

What amount of voltage is being supplied to the air conditioner if you installed it onto a 3-phase panel and connected the 2-pole breaker to the 3rd and 2nd phases on the bus bar Is that a problem?

Answer for USA, Canada and countries running a 60 Hz power supply service. Just like in a single phase panel you will get full voltage no matter where you place a double pole breaker in a 3 phase p... Read More »

What may be the problem if the steel braided flexible hose to your dishwasher sparked and flipped a breaker when it touched a copper pipe?

Answer I would think it is not grounded correctly or has some type ofshort in it. Answer If the steel braid caused a breaker to trip then you definitely have a short somewhere. Very dangerous and n... Read More »