What Is the Primary Adaptation Used by the Kangaroo Rat to Conserve Water?

Answer The kangaroo rat (Dipodomys merriami) is a desert-dwelling creature belonging to the animal class heteromyidae, which also includes its close cousin the pocket mouse. Despite their moniker, kangaro... Read More »

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What can we do to help conserve water?

On One Hand: Purchase Water-Conserving AppliancesMany new appliances use less water than their traditional counterparts. Front-load washing machines use about 40 percent less water than traditional... Read More »

What Types of Adaptations Must Desert Animals Make to Conserve Water?

Life in the desert is difficult, and animals must make many adaptations to survive in the arid climate. The heat of the sun and the scarcity of water require desert animals to conserve moisture wit... Read More »

How to Conserve Soil & Water?

In any landscape situation, paying attention to conserving soil and water provides benefits to the plants and the overall environment. Plan the landscape to protect the soil and spare water to redu... Read More »

How to Conserve Water at School?

Conserving water to benefit the environment doesn't have to be restricted to your home; you can do the same at school. Here's how!