What Is the Price for Aluminum Cans?

Answer Aluminum cans can be redeemed for cash by the pound at recycling centers and salvage yards. The average price for salvaged aluminum scrap metal is 83 cents per pound, but that price is subject to c... Read More »

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How many crushed aluminum cans makes one pound of aluminum?

About 25 to 33 crushed aluminum cans make one pound of aluminum. The exact number depends on the size and type of aluminum cans involved. For example, beer cans are lighter and thinner than soda ca... Read More »

How much can you get for aluminum cans?

Some states, such as Michigan, require a deposit on aluminum cans and refund that deposit if the cans are returned empty. Other states have scrap recycling companies, where the aluminum cans may be... Read More »

Value of Aluminum Cans?

Recycling has been promoted as an environmentally friendly alternative to dumps or landfills for many years. Aluminum has been widely recycled since the early 1900s. With increasing concerns about ... Read More »

What are aluminum cans made from?

Aluminum cans are made out of aluminum, a lightweight metal that is also used in kitchen utensils and industrial applications. Cans are created from coiled aluminum sheets, which are then pressed a... Read More »