What Is the Phylum of Bread Mold?

Answer The taxonomy, or scientific classification, of bread molds defines the behavior and genetics of mold species. As many as 100,000 species of mold exist. These fungi appear on everything from bathroo... Read More »

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Will mold grow faster on white bread or wheat bread?

Mold inherently grows on both white and whole wheat breads at the same rate. However, whole wheat breads generally hold more moisture, which speeds up the rate of mold growth, and they often contai... Read More »

What type of mold is bread mold?

The most common mold that grows on bread is actually called the bread mold fungus, or Rhizopus stolonifer, and is one of the most common fungi in the world. Most molds that grow on bread are member... Read More »

Why does bread mold?

It is bound to happen on occasion: you reach for a piece of bread to make a sandwich, and---surprise---it's moldy. Many foods and even objects grow mold, but why exactly does bread mold as it ages... Read More »

How do bread mold?

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