What Is the Origin of the Foxtail Fern?

Answer Foxtail fern (Asparagus densiflorus "Myers") is a type of asparagus fern native to South Africa. Growing to a height of about 2 feet, the fast-growing perennial plant is characterized by evergreen,... Read More »

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Is a Boston fern the same as a sword fern?

The terms Boston and sword fern both refer to the same plant, the Nephrolepis exaltata. Native to tropical regions, the fern ranges from 6 in. to 7 ft. in height and usually grows to widths of 2 ft... Read More »

Propagation of Foxtail Palm?

The foxtail palm is native to Australia and is a fast growing palm with a slender, grayish stalk. The leaves are large, reaching 8 to 10 feet in length and are dark green on top with a silver hue o... Read More »

How to Remove a "Foxtail" from a Dog's Nose?

How to Remove Foxtail's from a Dog's Nose:If you live in any state west of the Mississippi, you are probably pretty familiar with “foxtails.” In this case, "foxtails" do not refer to the attrac... Read More »

What Kills Green Foxtail?

Green foxtail (Setaria viridis) is a summer annual weed with a clumping growth habit. The weed gets its name from its foxtail-like seed heads. Summer annual weeds such as foxtails start to germinat... Read More »