What Is the Origin of Gnomes?

Answer There are three different types of gnomes. The first type of gnome is a figure found in folklore; the second is an elemental spirit found in alchemy; and the last is the garden gnome.

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I need gnomes...a lot of gnomes?

You could consider supplementing your garden gnomes with some cardboard cutouts and printed pages to give the effect of hundreds of gnomes for cheap.Just mix a few real ones in there for added fun.

What is the purpose of lawn gnomes?

They're supposed to protect your treasures.

What is the point of garden gnomes?

I think they are mean to scare off naughty fairies and pixies in the old days.But now they give charaters to the garden(depending the look of course)like how "How pretty the girl is with that garde... Read More »

Do gnomes exist?

Gnomes, which are tiny people that supposedly live underground, do not exist, according to the Skeptic's Dictionary. Gnomes should not be confused with fairies, pixies or elves, which are also myth... Read More »