What Is the Ohio Free Legal Eviction Process?

Answer Landlord can remove unwanted tenants in Ohio without cost only if the landlord has legally indigent status, meaning she can't afford an attorney, or the tenant agrees to a negotiated termination of... Read More »

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What is the eviction process in Ohio?

The process for eviction in Ohio varies depending on the lease agreement and the reason for eviction.Reason to EvictA landlord must have a reason to evict a tenant. Examples include failure to pay ... Read More »

How long is the eviction process in Fairfield County, Ohio?

The eviction process in Ohio (especially Fairview County), depends mostly on how quickly the landlord complies with Ohio eviction laws. First the landlord must serve notice that the rent is past du... Read More »

Legal Eviction Process in California?

For most landlords, having to evict a tenant counts among their biggest fears. In California, if landlords believe they have due cause to evict a tenant, they can't take matters into their own hand... Read More »

Missouri Eviction Process and Law?

An eviction is a legal process that a landlord uses to end a tenancy. Missouri does not allow landlords to evict tenants without a court-ordered eviction. The eviction process in Missouri is regula... Read More »