What Is the Normal Low Side on an Auto Compressor?

Answer Automotive air conditioners refer to systems that distribute refrigerant through the cabin vents of an automobile in order to cool its interior. Automotive air conditioning systems include such vit... Read More »

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What should you do if you have eight wisdom teeth growing side by side with four of them in the place of normal molars?

Answer i almost had 8, i had 7. three on top and 4 on the bottom. my dentist didnt seem too suprised; he said that of all the teeth in the mouth, wisdom teeth are the most common to have more or le... Read More »

How to Test an Auto AC Compressor?

An air-conditioning compressor is a key component in a vehicle equipped with an AC controlled climate system. It is responsible for compressing the refrigerant in the system so it can be cooled and... Read More »

How to Drain R-12 Oil Out of the Auto Compressor?

One step toward converting your R-12-based air conditioning system to use R-134a refrigerant is changing the compressor oil. The mineral oil used with R-12 cannot be mixed with the oil used in R-13... Read More »

How to Add Oil to an Auto Air Conditioner Compressor?

Oil in the system is lost when the seals in the system shrink in the cold winter months. As the seals are heat cycled (heated up and cooled down) through normal use, they lose some of their elastic... Read More »