What Is the Most Widely Used Port Scanning Tool?

Answer Port scanning tools are software tools used to remotely explore computers connected to a network -- otherwise known as hosts -- for ports, or communication channel endpoints, that are available for... Read More »

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What form of local government is most widely used in New England?

Townships are the most commonly used form of local government in New England. The townships have elected governing boards, levy taxes and are responsible for zoning. These townships are responsible... Read More »

What port in the back of a PC is most likely used for a printer?

Most printers connect to the computer via a universal serial bus (USB) port. USB ports are flat, have no visible pin holes and are approximately a half-inch long. Early computers used 25-pin parall... Read More »

What tool is most commonly used to analyze packet captures?

The packet sniffer application Wireshark is the most commonly used program for capturing and analyzing packets. Before 2006, Wireshark was known as Ethereal. Wireshark is open source and is avail... Read More »

What is the most widely cultivated plant on earth?

The most widely cultivated crop on earth is wheat in terms of area harvested, according to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations. The other top crops are rice, maize, soybeans... Read More »