What Is the Meaning of the American Eagle Symbolism?

Answer The American bald eagle has been closely associated with the United States since its inclusion as part of the Great Seal of the United States, adopted by the Continental Congress on June 20, 1782. ... Read More »

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Mexican Eagle Vs. American Eagle?

The only eagle that flies the North American skies is the American bald eagle (Haliaeetus leucocephalus). The "Mexican eagle" isn't actually an eagle at all. It's real name is the crested caracara ... Read More »

What is the average wingspan of an American eagle?

The average wingspan of an adult American Eagle, also known as a Bald Eagle, is 6 to 7 feet (1.8-2.2 meters). The average weight of an adult male is between 7.7 and 9.9 lbs. while an adult female's... Read More »

What is an American Silver Eagle coin?

The American Silver Eagleis a dollar coin that has been sold in both bullion and proof finishes since 1986. The coin features a depiction of Adolph A. Weinman's Walking Liberty design, which was or... Read More »

What powder is in the American Eagle 223 ammunition?

Federal Standard's American Eagle 223 rifle ammunition is filled with a smokeless powder that imitates the explosive power of black powder. This ammo is a full-metal-jacket boat-tail shot measuring... Read More »