What Is the Meaning of Order?

Answer Many words in the English language have several meanings. These types of words are called polyseme. Order is a polyseme, as it has several meanings.

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What is the meaning of a no contact order in Virginia?

No-contact orders are legal precedents that require a person to not contact another. This means they cannot attempt to speak with them on the phone, via email or in person. Each state, including V... Read More »

In a emergency custody order what is the meaning of irreparable harm?

That is determined by the judge placing the order,,,, But, an example of Irreperable Harm is, A mothers boyfriend molested the child.

Meaning of court did not issue a remand order?

AnswerTo remand means to "send back." A person can be remanded to custody- which means to be sent back to jail to wait for trial. A court case can have a remand order issued- this means to send the... Read More »

What is the difference between no contact order&restraining order?

Although people sometimes consider a no contact and restraining order as essentially the same, they are used for different types of cases. Usually, you do not even have a choice to file a no contac... Read More »