What Is the Meaning of Level the Playing Field?

Answer The phrases "to level the playing field" and "a level playing field" are English idioms derived from outdoor sports. These two phrases address the need for fairness among participants in a given pu... Read More »

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How many rows are in the lower level of ford field?

Depending on the precise section, there are up to 44 rows in the lower level of Ford Field in Detroit, Michigan. Ford Field is the home of the National Football League's Detroit Lions and hosts oth... Read More »

How many square feet make up a football field's playing area?

A football field, including the end zones, covers 57,600 square feet. The field is 160 feet wide. The field is 100 yards long plus two 10-yard end zones for a total of 360 feet.References:Sports Kn... Read More »

Does Nickelback blow you away with their high level of guitar playing?

They play better guitar than most bands do now days. They are very gifted musicians who are unfairly treated because of some sick joke that everyone has piled on to. Nirvana fans who can't get past... Read More »

What is the meaning of an entry level position?

An entry-level position typically doesn't require work experience, although you might need education to get one: for example, an entry-level lawyer needs to have passed the bar exam. The entry leve... Read More »