What Is the Maturity Date of a Corporate Bond?

Answer The maturity date of a corporate bond is when it matures, that is, the term of the bond is complete and it will no longer pay interest. Furthermore, the principal amount of the bond (amount initial... Read More »

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How to Compute the Time to Maturity for a Bond?

Understanding your bond will help you earn more money and avoid costly penalties. This is not always easy, because of the many types of bonds out there. To make matters worse, bonds often involve a... Read More »

What is the maturity of a Series EE U.S. savings bond?

Series EE bonds are U.S. government-guaranteed savings bonds. Depending on the type of bond purchased, the amount of interest paid may vary.Series EE Bond MaturitiesAll Series EE bonds earn interes... Read More »

How to Check the Maturity of a United States Savings Bond?

U.S. savings bonds can enable you to save money while accruing interest. After purchasing a savings bond, the note will gradually increase in value. Investors who purchase savings bonds enjoy tax b... Read More »

What is a loan maturity date for a mortgage?

A mortgage is a type of loan in which a piece of land or a building is held as collateral or a guarantee for repayment of a loan. A mortgage's maturity date is the calendar date when the mortgage l... Read More »