What Is the Liquid in Liquid Filled Auto Gauges?

Answer Standard auto gauges have no liquid filling and are sufficient for daily use. Gauges in high-performance or heavy use vehicles are often filled with certain liquids to reduce shock and enhance accu... Read More »

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How to Use a Liquid Filled Compass?

Liquid-filed compasses use a liquid capsule with a magnetic needle that always points north. The compasses are often manufactured with a base plate that includes a ruler. There can also have a dial... Read More »

How to Service Liquid-filled Tires?

Liquid-filled tires have increased traction, reducing tire spin when pulling heavy farm implements like heavy disks or plows. Yesterdays' Tractor Magazine notes that fluid-filled tires increase the... Read More »

What are liquid filled bumps on skin?

Liquid-filled bumps underneath the skin are known as blisters and may be caused by diseases such as dyshidrosis, herpes simplex, impetigo or chicken pox. With time, the liquid inside the blister dr... Read More »

How to Put Air in Liquid Calcium-Filled Tractor Tires?

In the warm summer months, it's not uncommon for farmers to fill their rear tractor tires one-third of the way with a liquid calcium mixture in order to give the tires more down force to promote tr... Read More »