What Is the Limit of Income a Dependent Can Earn in One Year?

Answer If the dependent is a qualifying child, no income limit exists. However, the person claiming the child must have provided more than half of the child's support for the past year. If the dependent i... Read More »

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Is there an age limit to be a dependent for taxes?

Your child, or a relative who is disabled or earns an annual gross income of less than $3,650, depends upon you for more than half of her support, and lived as a member of your household for the en... Read More »

Is the Roth IRA income limit the gross or the taxable income?

The Roth IRA income limit uses your modified adjusted gross income (MAGI). Your MAGI equals your adjusted gross income plus several adjustments you may have claimed--including traditional IRA contr... Read More »

Is there an income limit for Kansas state income tax?

A taxpayer who makes more than $5,250 a year must file a Kansas state income tax return if he is single or married filing separately and under 65. If married and filing jointly and under 65, the i... Read More »

Income Limits on a Dependent on Your Taxes?

A dependent is a person another person can claim on their income taxes. The dependent will allow the taxpayer to exclude part of their income from being taxed. A dependent must be a qualifying chil... Read More »