What Is the Importance of Ordination?

Answer According to the Community of Christ website, the act of ordination is important in any church as it confers both authority and responsibility on an individual called to a ministry. The sacrament o... Read More »

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What is ordination?

Some people feel called by God to lead a faith community. Ordination is the official process through which people become pastors, priests or rabbis within the Christian or Jewish faith.Identificati... Read More »

What is an ordination ceremony?

All spiritual or religious societies who designate certain members as spiritual leaders, pastors or priests either require or suggest an ordination ceremony. Religious societies that do not ordain ... Read More »

What is the meaning of ordination?

The term "ordination" refers to an appointment, or consecration, of an individual to a formal function within a church community or denomination. The positions of Catholic priest and Protestant min... Read More »

What is a proclamation of ordination?

A proclamation of ordination is a formal document announcing the bestowal of spiritual authority on an individual within a religious body which can then serve as a public declaration of ordination.... Read More »