What Is the Function of a Hypercharger?

Answer Motorcycles offer standard body components, such as aluminum or steel frames, disc brakes and telescopic forks that attach to the front wheels. Other body elements, such as a hypercharger, may come... Read More »

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What does a hypercharger do?

Hyperchargers are air intake and cleaner kits designed to improve performance and horsepower on motorcycles. A hypercharger pulls in air, creating a vacuum of sorts, as opposed to simply forcing ai... Read More »

How To Use a Hypercharger?

If you are a motorcycle owner or rider and want to give your bike an extra "oomphf" of power, use a hypercharger. Hyperchargers use much of the same turbo technology that is found in autos. A hyper... Read More »

How to Adjust a Hypercharger?

A hypercharger is the motorcycle's equivalent of a turbocharger on a car. This external piece of equipment is mounted to the side of a motorcycle's engine, forcing more airflow into the carburetor.... Read More »

Kuryakyn Hypercharger Installation?

Kuryakyn Products produces after-market air cleaners including hyperchargers. Kuryakyn sells hyperchargers in a variety of shapes, colors, prices and models to fit all styles of motorcycles. Whatev... Read More »