What Is the Fastest Way to Get Waves for a Black Man?

Answer Black men often want to achieve the wavy hair look. The "S" curl hair pattern is another type of wave that is popular among black men. There are ways to achieve wavy hair for African American men, ... Read More »

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How Do Black Men Get Natural Waves in Their Hair?

Some black men prefer grooming their hairstyle in a wave or "S" curl pattern. There are steps and considerations to obtain waves with or without chemical enhancements to the scalp. Black male wav... Read More »

How to Make Beachy Waves for Black Girls?

Everyone wants hair that looks naturally beautiful. Unfortunately, this look is especially hard for black girls. Follow this guide to get natural looking, shiny, healthy hair.

How to Make Finger Waves for Black Hair?

Finger waves are a glamorous, vintage look that works for most hair types. Even black or African-American hair, which can often be dry and hard to manage, lends itself well to this type of style. F... Read More »

Does the Black Door Screen in the Microwave Protect Against Waves?

If you've ever watched a burrito in the microwave, you've probably wondered how the burrito gets hot, but your face doesn't, even though it's only inches away. The screen in the microwave oven door... Read More »