What Is the Fan Used for in a Fireplace?

Answer Many modern fireplaces have fans or blowers attached. They can be either built into ducting inside the fireplace itself or attached to a series of metal pipes inside the fireplace box. These pipes ... Read More »

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Can fireplace crystals be used in a wood-burning fireplace?

On One Hand: Fireplace Crystals Work With GasAccording to Firecrystals, fireplace crystals are made to "permanently replace the burning of wood or use of fake logs in open vented, natural gas and p... Read More »

What is used in front of a fireplace?

To reduce the chance of fire from materials rolling out of the fireplace, the floor in front of the fireplace should be a non-combustible material, such as brick, stone, concrete, slate, etc.

What kind of bricks are used in a fireplace?

Firebricks are used in fireplaces. They are refractory ceramic, designed to withstand high heat but also to save energy. These bricks are made by firing clay in a kiln until they are partly vitrifi... Read More »

1920's Bungalow Style: What timber was used for Fireplace surround?

Spank, it is unlikely to be any kind of fir or pine as softwoods tend to have a lot of very flammable pitch in them and would not be suitable for a fireplace surround. It is most likely a denser wo... Read More »