What Is the Durability of Bamboo Fabric?

Answer Bamboo is a grass found all over the world that produces tall, strong poles. Bamboo fabric is made from the fibers of bamboo shoots that have matured at least four years. These shoots, when mature,... Read More »

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Comparison of the Durability of Hardwood and Bamboo Flooring?

Hardwood floors have been standard in quality homes for many years. They are attractive, natural, and beneficial to people with allergies. In recent years, bamboo has become a popular alternative ... Read More »

Types of Bamboo Fabric?

Bamboo fabric is made from the bamboo plant, a type of grass that grows as large as a tree. Most bamboo in the United States is shipped in from China, where it grows in large quantities and is proc... Read More »

About Bamboo Fabric Fiber?

Bamboo fabric is truly made from bamboo. Fibers are taken from the plant and wound together. This fabric offers several benefits, including hydroscopic qualities and a naturally antibacterial natur... Read More »

What is the difference between Bamboo Fun and Bamboo Craft?

I'm actually wondering somewhat of the same question myself.I think the main difference is size, but I watched the video for each and found that the Bamboo Craft has a bunch of like free trials or ... Read More »