What Is the Difference in AC & DC Circuits?

Answer Electricity requires a complete circuit in order to travel in a current and provide energy to devices. Circuits can be divided into two broad types, depending on the type of electrical current they... Read More »

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How to Teach Young Children the Difference Between Series & Parallel Circuits?

Kids love hands-on learning. When it comes to electricity and magnetism, hands-on is the most practical way of teaching. Series and parallel circuits are the basic building blocks for technology. W... Read More »

Difference Between Resistance & Equivalent Resistance in Circuits?

A resistor is an electronic component that inhibits or restricts the amount of voltage and current in a circuit. The value of a resistor, measured in ohms, determines how much restriction takes pla... Read More »

What Are Watchdog Circuits & How Do They Run?

A watchdog circuit provides the user with an indication that a computer has failed. The program includes an instruction to write to a defined address periodically. In most cases, this operation is ... Read More »

What Are the Circuits Used in Making Robots?

Robots are often mechanical models of humans or animals. The circuits in these robots are like the circuits in humans and animals. These include circuits to sense the environment and motor circuits... Read More »