What Is the Difference Between the Plants Viburnum & Oleander?

Answer Viburnum and oleander plants have a number of things in common. They both constitute shrubs suited to growth in warm climates like that of the American southeast. These shrubs bear fragrant, ornam... Read More »

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How do I prune viburnum plants?

PruningChoose one of five different types of pruning. Pinch off younggreen branches before they mature and become woody. Pinching may reduce the need for more pruning later. Cutting off a dead piec... Read More »

The Difference Between Desert Plants & Rainforest Plants?

Because desert plants and rainforest plants evolved in vastly different habitats, they have developed different styles of coping with their environments. These adaptations make them look different ... Read More »

Is an oleander poisonous?

Oleander is poisous to humans, but not to the touch. You have to eat it or make a tea with it in order to be harmed. The most recent sad story I know was a family on a driving trip pulled over and ... Read More »

What Causes Oleander Leaves to Die?

Oleanders (Nerium oleander) are evergreen shrubs reaching heights of 12 feet. Gardeners prize these ornamental plants for their colorful summer blooms. Unfortunately, oleanders can become infested ... Read More »