What Is the Difference Between an Associate in Arts Degree & an Associate in Science Degree?

Answer Associate degrees provide two years of full-time study. This type of academic degree provides a basic grounding in the humanities as well as the core curriculum of arts or science courses. Although... Read More »

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The Difference in an Associate Degree in Arts and a Bachelor of Applied Science?

There are many differences between an associate degree in arts and a bachelor's degree in applied science, yet they are both collegiate degrees. An associate degree in arts is a two-year degree wit... Read More »

What can I do with an associate's degree in liberal arts& science?

Obtaining an associate'd Degree in any program of study is an achievement. Many potential employers see this accomplishment as an indication that an individual is teachable, or trainable, and able... Read More »

The Difference Between an Associate's & a Bachelor's Degree in Fine Arts?

More and more fine arts students are choosing the more economical associate degree over a bachelor's. While a bachelor's degree holds more power on a resume, an associate degree still allows you to... Read More »

What is an associate of applied science degree and an associate degree?

Being a college graduate does not necessarily mean completing four years of college. There are many different types of degrees, including associate's, bachelor's, master's and doctorate degrees, ea... Read More »