What Is the Difference Between a Verizon Tour & a Bold?

Answer Research In Motion's BlackBerry Tour 9630, released in 2009, and BlackBerry Bold 9650, released in 2010, are part of the manufacturer's extensive line of smartphones and the most recent models carr... Read More »

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The blackberry tour newer then the bold?

Possibly it's going to be hard for AT&T or Verizon to make such thing

Can I put a Verizon chip in a BlackBerry Bold?

There are several Blackberry Bold models, which are made for multiple carriers with incompatible technology. A Verizon SIM card would work in a BlackBerry Bold device made for Verizon, but not for... Read More »

You just pre-ordered the Iphone 4 but you have Verizon wireless Can you flash it to Verizon or something to get it on Verizon?

It is not possible, due to the fact that AT&T is a type of network called GSM. It is not compatible with Verizon, a CDMA network.

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