What Is the Difference Between a Tropical Storm Warning and a Tropical Storm Watch?

Answer Hurricane season begins May 15 in the Eastern Pacific region and June 1 in the Atlantic. There are four levels of tropical storms. A tropical disturbance is an organized weather system normally 100... Read More »

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Is it Safe to take a shower during a Tropical Storm?

u can get struck by lightning thru ur shower so if its lightning, its advisable not to go near any taps (or use landline phones). Thats about it.

How to Make a Tropical Storm Drink?

A Tropical Storm is a cocktail for those who enjoy a good, stiff drink. This mixture of both sweet and sour flavors boasts a blend of four alcohols and a few other liqueurs added for flavor. Named ... Read More »

Riders on The Storm by The Doors or Riding The Storm Out by REO Speedwagon?

Imagine there's a severe weather warning & the storm's heading your way?

easiest= plant collection, dishwasher cause i don't have one, tool kit what to grab=if i had a savings i would grab it cause then i could purchase the other stuff , the love letters of course whi... Read More »