What Is the Difference Between a Motorola V195S for T-Mobile & a Motorola V195?

Answer The Motorola V195S is an update of the V195; both were sold by T-Mobile as basic phones. The V195S replaced the V195 in T-Mobile's phone lineup. What distinguished the V195 at the time of its relea... Read More »

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What is the difference between ipad2 and Motorola xoom?

Check the Rotation is Unlocked Restart the iPad If all else still fails: Take your iPad the Apple Store

What Is the Difference Between Motorola Blue Tooth HS 850 & H710?

All headsets are not created equally -- including two of Motorola's most popular versions: the H710 and the HS850. The differences between these headsets are small but notable.

What is better the Motorola backflip or Motorola G1?

Actually there is a such thing but the g1 is a touch screen on the fron and has a keyboard that's accesable by sliding the phone the backflip is very odd shaped n an ok design but the g1 is probly ... Read More »

When did Motorola introduce the Motorola Dynasty analog cell phone?

The Motorola Dynasty was released in the 1990s. The cell phone, often called a bag phone since it came with a bag that held the transceiver and battery, was popular in Europe during the late '90s.R... Read More »