What Is the Difference Between a Hot & Cold Humidifier?

Answer Whether you are expecting a new baby in your household or are looking to replace a worn-out unit, you will find several choices awaiting you when you decide to buy a new humidifier. One of the firs... Read More »

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Which Humidifier Is Better: Hot or Cold?

Like most people, you probably have more than one email account and prefer to use a different signature for each one. Your work mail signature may display your business website, email address, phon... Read More »

What is a warm&cold air humidifier for?

Cold winter months cause people to use the heating system in their homes to their full potential. However, the dry heat of the system can cause dry mucus in the nose, which can lead to infections.F... Read More »

What is the difference betweem a humidifier&vaporizer?

The main difference between a humidifier and a vaporizer is temperature. A humidifier projects a cool water mist, whereas a vaporizer projects hot steam, according to Parenting.FeaturesA humidifier... Read More »

Why can't I use scent splash humidifier liquid in my ultrasonic cool humidifier?

More than likely it will bur it out. I bought a misting bowl that had the water rise up looking like smoke. I tried putting some in the water and it quit working after two days. The oil must cake ... Read More »