What Is the Difference Between a Combination Journal & a General Ledger?

Answer Accountants use myriad bookkeeping methods to track the daily, monthly and annual debits and credits of businesses, individuals, governmental agencies and more. Two tools commonly used in financial... Read More »

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Difference Between a General Journal & General Ledger in Accounting?

Accountants use different tools when recording and reporting a company's financial transactions. Two of the most common tools are the general journal and general ledger. Most -- if not all -- compa... Read More »

What is a general ledger used for?

A general ledger is one of the two principal ways of organizing business transactions. The first is a journal, which lists accounts by time. The second is the general ledger, which organizes inform... Read More »

Introduction to General Ledger?

A company's general ledger is a detailed listing of every business transaction. The amount of information input into the general ledger will depend on the business owner's preferences as well as th... Read More »

How to Understand the General Ledger?

Within the Accounting Department of a business, the general ledger is an important component. Records of the company’s accounts are stored in the general ledger. Included are accounts for curren... Read More »