What Is the Difference Between a Car Engine Burning Oil Vs. Leaking Oil?

Answer Newer car engines rarely burn or leak oil. This is because the factory seals, O-rings, gaskets, bearings and components are new and undisturbed. With higher mileage and age, seals and gaskets break... Read More »

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What is the difference between burning files at 1x or 2x or 4x or 8x?

the higher the number, the faster it burns. 2x is twice the speed the cd plays.

What Is the Difference Between a Marine Engine and an Automobile Engine?

Marine engines are built tougher than automobile engines, and the price shows it. Everything from salt to the workload sets the bar high for marine engines. Although most of the same principles app... Read More »

Difference Between Wood Burning & Pellet Stoves?

Wood burning stoves and pellet stoves are alternative heating sources to fossil fuels that use a renewable energy source. Fuel costs for these stoves are equal to coal and natural gas but well belo... Read More »

The Difference Between a V4 Engine & a V6 Engine for a Honda?

All else being equal, bigger engines make bigger power but tend to weigh more. The same is true for a Honda V4 and V6, especially considering that Honda's only V4 offerings for the last 25 years ha... Read More »