What Is the Difference Between Translucent & Opaque Rubies?

Answer Translucent rubies are clear, extremely valuable and rare. Opaque rubies have so many inclusions that it is impossible to see through the stone. There are white, silky strands of the mineral rutile... Read More »

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The screen in a pinhole camera must be translucent rather than transparent or opaque Why?

A focusing screen in a pinhole camera? A pinhole camera is a box with a very small hole in one end of it and a piece of film in the other end. The screens in reflex cameras and in view ca... Read More »

How to Tell the Difference Between Rubies and Garnets?

Garnets and rubies both are gemstones, but rubies are rarer and more valuable than garnets. Garnets can be be found in a variety of colors; pyrope, almandine and andradite are the most common red g... Read More »

Differences Between Rubies & Garnets?

Is a particular red gemstone a ruby or a garnet? It makes a difference, especially in price. Often, cheap jewelry sold as a ruby might contain garnet stones, which are more plentiful and, therefore... Read More »

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