What Is the Difference Between Minolta Cameras 7000i & 7000?

Answer Minolta cameras have been around for decades. Two of those film cameras are the 7000 and 7000i models. While similar in many ways, there are a few differences between these single lens reflex (SLR)... Read More »

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Can you use the lenses from your minolta maxxum 7000i 35mm camera on a digital camera?

They should work on Minolta digital cameras, and possibly the new Sonys as well. Check carefully into the camera specs.

Will minolta 7000 lenses fit nikon d5000?

Do Maxxum 7000 lenses fit other cameras?

Yes. The Minolta Maxxum 7000 uses the Minolta AF mount; lenses for the camera should fit any Minolta auto-focus SLR ever made, as well as Sony's α digital SLRs (A100, A700, A200, and friends). Th... Read More »

Will your current af lenses for minolta cameras fit the old x-700 mps?

The focus is adjusted on the lens, not on the camera body itself. For a lens which has autofocus (almost all modern lenses) there will be a small slider switch on the lens, close to the body of th... Read More »