What Is the Difference Between Lycra and Spandex?

Answer The synthetic fabric used to make stretchy clothing is commonly referred to as spandex and as Lycra. DuPont created the term Lycra as a brand name for its spandex, and now the terms have become int... Read More »

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What Is Lycra Spandex?

Lycra is the name given to a material produced by DuPont and which is made of spandex fiber, found in socks, hosiery, leotards, tights as well as certain undergarments that hold women in, shaving o... Read More »

Can Lycra Spandex fabric be dyed?

Lycra fabric is a stretch fabric also known as spandex. This type of fabric is used in swimsuits, dance costumes and dresses. It can be dyed but needs to be done so in cold water rather than in hot... Read More »

What Is Lycra Fabric?

Lycra is a popular stretchy fabric used for, mostly, a variety of clothing items. Lycra is also known to be used for bed sheets, bike seat covers and diapers, but in much smaller quantities than in... Read More »

Is it okay to put Lycra in the dryer?

You can put Lycra in the dryer. Tumble drying is recommended after machine washing. Lycra is a stretchy, synthetic fiber produced by DuPont, made originally as a replacement for rubber. It is alway... Read More »