What Is the Difference Between Lacquer & Urethane Paint?

Answer Acrylic lacquer and urethane paint are the two most common paint types used for painting automobiles; however, they are very different types of paint. Urethane-based paints replaced lacquer paints ... Read More »

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How do i compare lacquer to urethane?

On One Hand: Urethane Is DurableAccording to, polyurethane, also known as urethane, is a manufactured material that is flexible and durable. It can take the place of paint, cotton, rub... Read More »

How to Paint a Car With Lacquer?

To show off your vintage hot rod or antique car, you'll want a shiny and noticeable paint job with a glossy finish. Lacquer spray paint is ideal for this type of finish. Applying lacquer to your ca... Read More »

How do I paint with urethane?

Brushing UrethaneBrush urethane only onto a wooden surface. Use a fine bristle brush with a straight edge and spread it directly from the can. Paint with the grain of the wood in even strokes and t... Read More »

What is urethane paint?

Urethane paint, also known as polyurethane or polyester polyurethane, is a paint made from acrylic resin that is typically used to paint automobiles, buildings and boats, according to the Center fo... Read More »