What Is the Difference Between Copper & Iridium Spark Plugs?

Answer Spark plug science has come a long way since those first pioneers stuck copper rods into cylinder heads and hoped for the best. Iridium plugs are among the most technologically advanced out there, ... Read More »

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Why Use Iridium Spark Plugs?

Iridium spark plugs make use of the latest advances in manufacturing to make a spark plug for automotive applications that is better than anything previously available. The characteristics of iridi... Read More »

How to Gap Iridium Spark Plugs?

Spark plugs are an essential component of a car's operation. Like the name implies, spark plugs literally provide a spark that ignites the fuel in your car's combustion chamber, moving the pistons ... Read More »

How to Tell If I'm Getting Poor Gas Mileage With Iridium Spark Plugs?

A fuel-efficient vehicle can mean all the difference in keeping more money in your pocket while promoting a cleaner environment. There are some upgrades you can perform on your vehicle to increase ... Read More »

Can I use iridium spark plugs with a carburetor motorcycle engine?

Iridium plugs work fine in a carby engine. My VTR came from the factory with them fitted. You won't notice much difference powerwise but the iridium plugs will last much longer