What Is the Difference Between Acrylic Nail Paint & Body Paint?

Answer It's fun to create designs on the body and nails using paints. You can express your creativity by using devices such as air brushes with a small air compressor, markers or brushes for face makeup o... Read More »

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What Is the Difference Between Gouache & Acrylic Paint?

Acrylic and gouache are popular paint choices for fine art and illustration. While both are water-based paints, there are important differences in both the physical characteristics and the working ... Read More »

What is the difference between latex& acrylic paint?

While plain latex paint is entirely water-based, acrylic paint contains chemicals that promote elasticity. Latex paint is also usually cheaper than acrylic paint. Acrylic paint shares many of the s... Read More »

Can you mix nail polish and acrylic paint?

How to Paint Acrylic Nail Designs?

Acrylic paints can be used to add flare to any nail. A small acrylic design can be added on top of regular nail polish to draw attention to personal style, interests and hobbies. A fine paint brush... Read More »