What Is the Crown of a Gerbera?

Answer Gerberas (Gerbera jamesonii) are 3- to 7-inch, brilliantly-colored, daisy-like flowers that bloom on leafless stems above hairy, deeply-lobed foliage. The crown is the point at which the stems and ... Read More »

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Is a gold crown better than a regular crown?

I am a licensed dentist specializing in gold dentistry with over 20 years experience, and have been teaching dental students at two Philadelphia universities for much of my career. I would also lik... Read More »

What is the meaning of a gerbera daisy?

A gerbera daisy is a very common and popular flower that can be found in many grocery stores and florist shops. Gerbera daisies can grow approximately 14 inches in height and have large, brightly ... Read More »

If you have a crown that is showing gray at the gum receding line is there any way to hide the gray without getting a new crown?

Answer You could try asking the dentist about "bonding". I needed a crown, but my dentist chose not to crown it, but to build up the tooth. They matched it great and it's not that expensive.

Root canal tooth, crack in crown, never had pain or discomfort, replaced crown & now pain?

It should have stopped hurting by now. It's possible that the tooth itself is cracked vertically from the top to the bottom. This is one of the few situations where the tooth can't be saved. You... Read More »