What Is the Cost of Spinal Decompression Therapy ?

Answer The price of spinal decompression therapy can cost $35 to $100 a treatment. This price will vary depending on the physician, the frequency of treatment and the area of the country you live in. For ... Read More »

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What is spinal decompression?

Spinal decompression is a therapy used to rehabilitate spinal discs. This therapy decompresses discs by gently stretching the spine. This stretching creates a vacuum inside the discs, according to ... Read More »

What are the benefits of spinal decompression?

The American Chiropractic Association (ACA) recognizes spinal decompression treatment as an option for relief of a variety of back ailments. Most decompression therapy treatments are designed to re... Read More »

How good is advanced spinal decompression?

On One Hand: Success Claims ExaggeratedThe effectiveness of advanced spinal decompression is open to debate, according to, a website operated by Stephen Barrett, M.D., and Samuel Hom... Read More »

What is disk decompression therapy?

Disk decompression therapy is a non-surgical treatment option for bulging disks of the spine. If you have back or neck pain--or have been diagnosed with a "bulging" or "herniated" disk--this may be... Read More »