What Is the Best Way to Clean a Dry-Erase Board With Old Writing on It?

Answer Dry-erase boards are convenient for play and work. They have the same advantage of temporarily sharing information on a display board that a chalkboard has, only without as much mess. When you leav... Read More »

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What can be used to clean a dry erase board?

Office supply stores sell special erasers made specifically to clean dry-erase board. To remove ghosted-in lines that dry-erase markers cause, use glass cleaner followed by a soap-and-water rinse. ... Read More »

How do i clean a dry erase board eraser?

Use a Water HoseSpray the dry erase board eraser with a hose, and the build-up from cleaning the board will come right off. Scrub the dry erase board eraser with paper towels once or twice a week.... Read More »

What to do with my dry erase board?

Handy item! Wish I had you said, Make lists....Outline your vacation plansMake a shopping list.....Do a family treeDesign a campsite....Just use your imagination

How to Make a Whiteboard (Dry Erase Board) With Clear Duct Tape and Paper?

You can make a whiteboard with just white paper (or colored paper) and clear duct tape! It's a great easy and makeshift solution when there isn't a whiteboard in sight and you need to keep teaching... Read More »