What Is the Best Instant Face Lift Serum?

Answer While there's no such thing as a face lift in a jar, plastic surgery can be expensive, painful and dangerous. In-office injectables like Botox, Restalyne and collagen can be pricey and have unpleas... Read More »

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How to Use Instant Face Lift Tape?

On a Hollywood movie set, when they want a quick, cheap fix for facial wrinkles they use tape. It's not a long-lasting solution for sagging skin, but it can get you through a weekend with the girls... Read More »

The Best Vitamin C Serum for the Face?

Vitamin C serum can help your face by protecting it from skin cancer and fighting premature aging. Vitamin C can also promote healing from a cut or a burn. Vitamin C comes in many different concen... Read More »

The Best Non-Surgical Temporary Face Lift Products?

Individuals concerned with the signs of aging are increasingly turning to over-the-counter products as cheaper, safer and more convenient alternatives to invasive surgical procedures. While no topi... Read More »

Difference Between a Mini Lift & a Regular Face-Lift?

The beauty field abounds with products to keep us looking young. But when facial creams and makeup tricks are not enough, many turn to plastic surgery. Today's consumer may select a traditional fac... Read More »