What Is the Average Size of an Automobile Gas Tank?

Answer The amount of gas a car's tank can hold is an important piece of knowledge for every car owner or buyer. It helps you calculate gas mileage for a long trip or simply choose which car is best for you.

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What is the average gas tank size?

The average gas tank for a mid-size car holds about 18 gallons of gas. Depending on the model of car or truck the tank size capacity can be considerably higher or lower. Consult your owner's manual... Read More »

How to Clean Out an Automobile Gas Tank?

Restoring automobile gas tanks is one of the first steps that needs to be taken when beginning the project of getting an older car back on the road. As gas sits in a car's tank it can become varnis... Read More »

How to Repair an Automobile Gas Tank?

Repairing an automobile gas tank is not overly difficult, but taking time to prepare properly will save you time and frustration. The use of an epoxy specifically designed for exterior gas tank re... Read More »

How to Remove Very Old Gasoline From an Automobile Gas Tank?

Removing very old gasoline from an automobile gas tank must be done before running the engine. Old gasoline may not detonate properly if it has degraded inside the gas tank. Moisture and rust have ... Read More »