What Is the Average Rainfall in the Outback?

Answer The average rainfall in the outback is about 250mm a year (25cm), according to the Atlas of South Australia. This amount can be as low as 150mm (15cm) in the driest parts of the outback.Source: htt... Read More »

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What does average rainfall mean?

Average rainfall refers to the precipitation such as rain, snow and sleet for a given period of time over a given area. Average rainfall is typically calculated using the arithmetic mean method, Th... Read More »

What is the average rainfall for WI?

Wisconsin is located in the part of the United States considered as the Midwest. According to the World Almanac, Wisconsin receives an average of thirty one inches of rain per year.References:World... Read More »

What Is the Average Rainfall of Belize?

The average annual rainfall of Belize is 75.3 inches or 191.3 cm. The tropical climate of Belize is characterized by a distinctive wet and dry seasons, with significant regional variations in avera... Read More »

What is the average rainfall in Chicago?

On average, Chicago gets 38.01 inches of precipitation, or rainfall, every year. The wettest month of the year is June, with 4 inches of rain on average. Rainfall is evenly distributed throughout t... Read More »