What Is the Average Pay for a Special Educational Assistant?

Answer A special education assistant can also be referred to as a paraprofessional. Special education assistants help provide accommodations and modifications for students with disabilities. Special educa... Read More »

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What is an educational assistant?

Often referred to as a teacher's aide or instructional aide, an educational assistant performs a variety of duties within the classroom, working alongside the classroom teacher and supporting him t... Read More »

Educational Requirements for a Vet Assistant?

Veterinary assistants help veterinarians provide health care to a variety of animals, according to the U.S. Department of Labor's Bureau of Labor Statistics. They perform medical tests and help tre... Read More »

Special educational needs?

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Special Educational Tools?

Special education classes are geared towards students who have special needs, such as learning, physical or mental challenges. There are many tools available to special education teachers, and, dep... Read More »