What Is the Average Number of Days That the South Pole Has No Sunlight Each Year?

Answer The average number of days that the South Pole has no sunlight each year is 180 consecutive days. After six months of absolute daylight in the summer, the sun sets on the South Pole, which is plung... Read More »

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How many days of sunlight occur at the South Pole?

According to Astronomy Answer Book, there are six months (approximately 182 days) of continuous sunlight at the South Pole. However, much of the time the sun remains quite low in the sky. This time... Read More »

What Is the Average Temperature at the South Pole?

Winter temperatures range between -40 and -94¡Fahrenheit (-40 to -70¡Centigrade), while summer temperatures range from -5 to -31¡Fahrenheit (-15 to -35¡Centigrade). The coldest month at the Sou... Read More »

Who was the first to reach the south pole&in what year?

Norwegian explorer Roald Amundsen, born in 1872 was the first person ever to lead an expedition that reached the South Pole. Amundsen and four others began their journey on August 9th of 1910 and ... Read More »

What year was the South Pole discovered?

The South Pole was discovered by Captain Roald Amundsen on December 14, 1911, when he traveled to the southerly point on the surface of the earth. Amundsen stayed at the South Pole for three days d... Read More »