What Is the Average Consumer Debt?

Answer The consumer debt for the U.S. is now over $2.43 trillion, based on a report by the Federal Reserve. This comes out to an average of about $21,900 per household.Source: Read More »

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Average Consumer Debt?

The average consumer debt is about $21,900 per household in the U.S., according to the Federal Reserve. This is equivalent to 132% of the annual disposable income of the average household.Source: h... Read More »

What Is Primary Consumer Debt?

Primary consumer debt is a financial term for the type of debt consumers accrue by purchasing basic items for daily life. It describes the costs to individual consumers, not businesses or governments.

What happens when a credit card company can't validate the debt to the consumer?

If you are being hounded for a debt you don't think you owe, you have the right to demand proof of its legitimacy. There are several federal laws that require both creditors and credit bureaus to p... Read More »

Consumer Income Vs. Debt?

Consumer income is both earned and unearned money that arrives consistently and dependably at pre-determined intervals from sources anywhere in the world. Income determines your quality of life whe... Read More »