What Is the Average Barometric Pressure of Pluto?

Answer The average barometric pressure of Pluto is about 0.015 millibars, falling in the 6.5-to-24 microbar range. A microbar is the equivalent of one one-millionth of an Earth atmospheric pressure, which... Read More »

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What is the average barometric pressure?

The University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point Geography Department reports the average barometric air pressure is measured at sea level. The average air or barometric pressure at sea level is recorded ... Read More »

What is the average barometric pressure of Neptune?

The barometric pressure--the reading more commonly known as atmospheric pressure--on the planet Neptune is estimated to be one to three bars on average. The estimated reading was taken by the unman... Read More »

What is the average barometric pressure for northeast Mexico?

The average barometric pressure in northern Mexico varies between a high of 30.25 inches and low of 28.65 inches. The average daily pressure is 29.90 inches in Hermosillo, Mexico, according to Weat... Read More »

How does barometric pressure differ from atmospheric pressure?

Barometric pressure is another name for atmospheric pressure and both terms are often used interchangeably. The terms describe the weight of earth's atmosphere, which averages 14.7 pounds per squar... Read More »